Kenya - Climate & Clothing

Kenya is a South African country and as such the climate is tropical. In the northern regions of the country, it is hot and dry. However, coastal regions are hot and humid. 
Rainy seasons are between the months of April and October.



What to take
Because of the tropical climate of Kenya, we advise you to bring cotton clothing. Shorts and t-shirts are acceptable to be worn. Morning and evenings can drop to low temperatures so bring sweaters and/or jackets. Please protect yourself from the sun and bring wide brimmed hats and sunscreen.

Bring comfortable walking shoes, sneakers or boots. Insect repellent may be useful in your camping safaris. Bright coloured clothing can alert the animals, thus neutral colours are preferred to be worn. 

Please be advised that military camouflage print is illegal to be worn in Kenya – please do not bring any clothing with this print.