Join us on one of our many Jordan tours and visit Amman, the magnificent Nabataean city of Petra with the famous Rose Red City, the impressive Greco-Roman ruins of Jerash, Lawrence of Arabia’s famous Wadi Rum, and many other historical and remarkable sites throughout the Kingdom.

Jordan provides opportunities for adventure travel, whether it’s participating in 4x4 safaris or hiking through the deserts. Enjoy a Petra tour or explore Jerash. You may also like to enjoy a more laid back spa and wellness trip enjoying the Dead Sea – renowned for its spa facilities and rejuvenating waters. Experience the biblical Jordan visiting Bethany Beyond the Jordan (Bethabara) where John the Baptist baptized Jesus, Mount Nebo where Moses saw the Promised Land, Madaba the City of Mosaics and various other sites of this eastern Holy Land.

We highly encourage you to come and see the beauty of the Kingdom's treasures on one of our trips and experience the splendor that has dazzled tourists for centuries.