Egypt Faq's

Q1:Can I charge my cell phone or laptop in an Egyptian standard outlet?
Q2:One of our hotels is based on half board. What does this mean?
Q3:Is it appropriate to tip in Egypt? If so, how much?
Q4:I really like all of your tours but I have other ideas in mind. Can you custom make my dream tour?
Q5:We want to celebrate our wedding anniversary and bring our favourite champagne to Egypt. What are the alcohol restrictions?
Q6:What kind of food should I avoid when in Egypt?
Q7:What should I wear for dinner on the Nile cruise? Is it formal attire?
Q8:What kind of clothing should I take?
Q9:Can I swim in the Nile River?
Q10:Can I use traveler's cheques in Egypt?
Q11:Can I use my credit card in Egypt?
Q12:Can I exchange my Canadian money in Egypt? Or do I have to do that prior to my departure?
Q13:What is the legal drinking age in Egypt?
Q14:Do we need any vaccinations for Egypt?
Q15:I am traveling to Egypt, then to Jordan for a return back to Egypt. Am I required another visa for re-entry?
Q16:When we visit Egypt, do we need to get a visa? If so, where and for how much?